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Name: Don't Get Mad Get Glad
Submitted by: Rufus
Date: Tue 07 Nov 2006 04:34:44 AM CST
Clel (GC) (Tue Nov 07 03:32:46 2006):
Mass message:
Team WINNERS consisting Nich and Tajia made it to the finals on one side of the tourney bracket, and on the over side was Team "Dont get mad, Get Glad" (DGMGG) with Rufus and Gladius. The two teams squared off as Team DGMGG took the first round! Things looked promising on round two however Gladius went first again but this time pulled an impressive overkill, getting both Taj and Nich's hearts low before Rufus even had to step into the arena. You guys can guess who won after that so say congrats to the new champs. Congrats and thanks to those who participated!

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