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  1. Policy Violations

    Anyone found to be in violation of the policies described in this document, at the sole discretion of GraalOnline , will be subject to the following:
    • First violation: The user will receive a warning describing the breach of policy GraalOnline believes they have committed, either onscreen or via Email.
    • Second violation: If possible, the player will be temporarily locked out of the area of gameplay related to the abuse. For example, if a player is using abusive language to others in the Forum, s/he will be prevented from using the forum. If a player is disruptive in events, s/he will be prevented from competing in events.
    • Third violation: The user will be locked out of GraalOnline for a period of up to one month, and will be notified via Email.
    • Fourth violation: The user will be locked out of GraalOnline permanently without refund.

    In certain circumstances, such as extremely abusive behavior, a user may be locked out without warning or notice of any kind. However, GraalOnline will follow up with an Email explaining why this step was taken.
  2. Miscellaneous

    Additional policies from time to time may become necessary, such as unique policies for a quest. It is also GraalOnline policy that if anyone is locked out of one GraalOnline product, for any reason, GraalOnline may choose to lock that user's accounts out of ALL GraalOnline products, on all services. This includes current and future GraalOnline products. If a user is discovered to be playing on an account which is registered to a fraudulent or incorrect name, address, or billing method, that may also be grounds for immediate lockout.

GraalOnline reserves the right to make special-case adjustments to its policies and the steps it takes concerning violation of these policies.

Last Updated: January 01, 2003

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