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Welcome to the GuildCP

GraalOnline Global Guilds are managed via the GuildCP. Members (and Leader) will have access to various guild management tools, as well as a private discussion board.

Below is a list of Guilds you're in.

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Note: Click on a Guild to access the Control Panel. A Rank in bold means you are the Guild Leader.

Submit a new guild

You do not meet one of the requirments to make a new guild. Please check that you are not already a leader of a guild (disbanded and suspended guilds are important too) and that your subscription is up to date.

Membership Applications

To join a Guild, check out the Guilds List and click on a Guild to find out more about it. When you find an interesting Guild, fill in the Membership Application form with necessary details. The Guild Leader or 'Recruiters' will then review and approve (or reject) your application.

Summary of your membership applications:

List only visible if you are logged

Note: Click on an application to view details (pop-up). You can also delete the application there.

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