'Activity Percentile' and 'Guild Rating' only apply to Active Guilds. GraalOnline is the sole judge of the accuracy of any high score lists. Calculation methods may change if the need arise.

Activity Percentile

'Activity Percentile' (AP) is simply the percentage of Guild members that had put on the Guild Tag at least once within the past week (7 days). The value is rounded to one decimal.

Example: Your Guild has 48 members. 38 of them were online in the past 7 days and each had the Guild Tag on. Your Guild's AP would be: (38 / 48) x 100% = 79.2%

Purpose: An AP gives a basic idea of how active a Guild is. Any Guild with AP less than 20% will be the primary target of suspension (and ultimately, disband).

Guild Rating

'Guild Rating' is slightly more involved, but you can still total it up on paper if you have some time to spare :-)

Step 1: Members & Guild Tag
Each Guild starts with 0 rating. For each member of the Guild, points are added to (or subtracted from) the rating, depending on when s/he last put on the Guild Tag:

Last Worn TagPoints
Within past 24 hours+4
Within past 1 to 3 days+2
Within past 3 to 7 days+1
Within past 1 to 2 weeks0
Within past 2 to 3 weeks-1
Within past 3 to 4 weeks-2
More than 4 weeks ago (or never)-4

A newly added member is neutral (± 0 point) for up to 48 hours, or until s/he first put on the tag, whichever comes first.

All existing Guild members from the old guild system are granted neutrality until March 10, 2003 12:00 PM GMT (or until they first put on the tag, whichever comes first).

Step 2: Membership Application Queue
Guild Leaders or 'recruiters' must actively review and accept/reject membership applications. For each application left in the queue for more than 3 days, 2 points are subtracted from the rating (-2).

Step 3: Guild Information
This is not yet implemented. The basic idea is that Guilds will be rewarded for having a proper Charter (description), ranks, and perhaps, a website. More details will be announced later; suggestions are welcome from all Guilds - please use the Support Channel in your GuildCP Discussion Board.

Purpose: Any Guild with a higher-than-most rating can be reasonably considered as a successful Guild. We would also like to encourage Guilds to practice self-regulation; for example, this means frequent removal of inactive members.


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