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Community Name : Dark_Zeratul101

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Real Name : Raven Darkrav Zalinto
Age : Unknown
Sex : Unknown
Country : | HISTORY ERASER |
Instant messenger : | BUTTON
Email : Zalinto Members:
Homepage : http://From Rahz to Raven to Lettro. I bid you all goodbye. Thanks everyone for the adventures I've had. Original Second Generation: Raven (Former Leader), Alz, Theo, Samson, and Lettro
Favorite Graal hangout : R.I.P. EC
Favorite quote : [Shout] ianaccount (60 Warrior): i drink tomatoe soup because it reminds me of blood of when i killed my mom cuz i wasnt allowed on graal\n\n\"\rFun Fact: All the Ego inside Hells can lift almost anything except himself because of his weight \" -tiu
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