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Community Name : Nightmareangel

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Real Name : Nightmareangel ‡MìdÑíght‡ (Game Coordinator)Noctu Divus Ðarkmåne [email protected]>
Age : Unknown
Sex : Male
Country : Classicstats40kkill=myclonetak
Instant messenger : BbbbbBatman! Nighté
Email : [email protected] Been GCin Since 7-3-02 (GC Administrator)3-2-03
Homepage :
Favorite Graal hangout : The Desaintinator -Master of All Desainters-Desainted the King of Saints, Pirat dssincestartcnt=158
Favorite quote : "It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again." This part changed for Kat.
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