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  In the beginning of January, the Graal team will release Games World!

Games World will be an area to play multiplayer games with Graal friends,
to challenge the computer, or to participate in game tournaments!
Access to many fun and challenging games will just be a click away from
the main Graal interface!

• Arcade Area - Includes a
multiplayer Bomberman,
3D mazes, Bomy Invaders
and more!

• Sport area - Complete with
multiplayer billiards for
those who enjoy a challenge.

• Card area - Includes
multiplayer poker,
French belote, and tarot.

• Puzzle area - Play Bomy
Flip here.

• Strategy - Includes

• Board - With a Graal
version of Mah Jong,
chess, reversi, and


  We are introducing two important new features to Graal; Gralat coins and winning tickets!

With Gralat coins you will soon be able to challenge your friends, participate in tournaments, purchase limited edition items, access reserved areas on the Graal server and much much more! You will be able to purchase Gralat coins soon from the Graal Online shop. Don't miss the introductory package which includes 30% more Gralats and free winning tickets!

Winning tickets are rewards you will get from challenging the computer on Games World, winning tournaments, or participating in events on various Graal Worlds. Each winning ticket has two chances to win:

First, scratch your ticket to see if you've won an instant prize. Second, each ticket will receive a number which will be placed into a monthly lottery drawing.

Hundreds of prizes will be awarded including a Nintendo Wii console, preview tickets for Graal 3D Dungeon, Gold Subscriptions, virtual items and more!

More will be published soon on the Graal Forums.

  Itís a tradition now for the winter season, we are releasing limited edition items with Graal subscriptions, donít miss them or you will have to wait another year to get a chance to get some of them.

You can opt for the GOLD Xmas account with full access to Graal's features.

Or a VIP Xmas account for the weekend gamer who also likes to try things before they are fully released.

Or, how about a mix of them?

And as for how to pay, you can use a credit/debit card, a check, wiretransfer, cash and lots more!

[Subscription Page]
[Information On Methods Available]

  Once you login to Graal Kingdoms you will get a collection of items: a black cloak, a red Xmas scarf, a red Xmas Wizard hat, a candy sword, a candy stick wand. As bonus you will also get 20 diamonds and 750 platinum coins!

On Zone you will get a new Dual Shotgun: The Western-style shotgun, you can hold two at once! You also get a Magnum: Silver-colored powerful pistole, 300 pipebombs and $8000 .

  If you are curious about what will be Graal3d you can have a look at the Graal3d dungeon videos.

Graal3d dungeon will be the first of a series of 3d game servers that will be release in 2007

Graal3d dungeon will be released in February 2007, first to 300 winners of the first Graal lottery, then to GOLD and VIP

  To Celebrate the release of Games World we will hold in January Poker, Billiard, Bomy flip, Bombermad tournaments.

Be sure to buy january 5 the first packs of Gralats to be able to participate and get lot of winning tickets and get one of the 500 gifts that will be given by the instant chance and the lottery.

  Forums are a central place for the graal community and a way to speak directly to the graalonline team. Never used a forum before? Well, nows a good time to try one out, use the links below:
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Support Center

  You have a problem on Graal or want to contact us.
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Graal Bible

  You are searching for information or you want to participe in writting documentation for Graal.
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