Change Your Password in 3 Easy Steps

If you've misplaced your GraalOnline login password, or you suspect your password has been exposed, request for a password change here.

For your information, GraalOnline staff can never recover your lost password. All passwords are stored in a non-recoverable way for security reasons. Instead, you may have your password changed after we validate your identity.

  1. Request for Password Change

    Fill in the form below with your registered email address - the one you provided when signing up for the account (or when you last updated your account information). We will send an email with a Confirmation Code to that email address.

    Email Address

    Q: What if I no longer have access to that email account?
    A: Contact the support staff.

  2. Confirm Your Identity

    Check your email for the Confirmation Code - please allow up to 15 minutes (time may vary depending on your ISP). Once you receive the email, follow the instruction provided to complete the password change process.

  3. Collect Your New Password

    Once you complete the password change, a new password will immediately be applied to your GraalOnline account. You will receive the new password at the same email address. Remember to note down the password and keep it somewhere safe.

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