Graal Zone - a futuristic and furious 2D battle game!
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Choose a team and a class and directly enter the battlefield for a unique game play experience!


The Goal

The goal is to beat the enemy by conquering their bases or by finding all flags and bringing them back to your base.
You need to play strategical to be successful - you can use mines for defense, start your jetpack to fly over walls, place boxes to block the path for the enemy or choose the medic class and heal your team members.

The Stuff

You can use one of the numerous futuristic weapons such as laser guns and plasma sabre, or use the wide collection of pistoles, riffles and grenades to overthrow your enemy. Additional weapons can be bought for in-game currency in the dropships or gained in events.
On most maps you can also find vehicles such as hover bikes and mechs, which offer protection and powerful arms or let you faster access other parts of the map.
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